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Loyalty Cards Guarantee

Lucas Color Card Chases Own Record for Quality and Delivery

When a company makes millions of items it has a lot of opportunity to make an imperfect product.  In the card business, a million card order is a million quantities of one!  Each card is unique and so our quality system must be up to the challenge to make us better every year.

Results For Primary Performance: Quality and Delivery:

Membership Card Success

99.4% of all cards manufactured are passing Lucas and Customer requirements – the first time! (This means less than 1% of scrapped units were experienced due to defects, rework, bad specifications, or customer returns)

Over 99% of all card orders were shipped early or on-time!  2015 is shipping at 99.7%. (This means that less than 1% of all orders were late regardless of reason)

Why Do Customers Choose Lucas?  Answer: CONFIDENCE

The numbers tell the whole story.  Simply put: “Customers can count on Lucas.”

Why is the Quality number important?

Lucas is more likely to get a new customer loyalty cards program right the first time and has better than a 99% chance of being perfect in ALL areas.

Perhaps even more important for your budget, a company as efficient as Lucas will have lower costs, less chaos, happier Associates, and delighted customers.

So, have confidence that we are harder on ourselves than almost anyone!  Challenge us with your card program as we edge closer to 100% via continually improving for YOU.

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Can we go faster? Can you leverage more opportunities with faster card orders? Do people procrastinate? The answer is YES! We know that time is not always plentiful when you are meeting launch deadlines, media releases and store openings.
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Lucas Color Card is proud of its quality record. Lucas has developed its quality system to be ISO 9001 compliant with ISO registration. Find Out more about our Quality System features.

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Custom Shapes

The Lucas Color Card art department provides creative design services at any stage in the development of your project. Take advantage of our creativeness at a price much lower than your traditional advertising or creative agencies.

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